Many single taxers in the past and notably Henry George, their leader, have proposed that the state collect as the one single tax the whole of the rental of land and that all other taxes be done away with. This means, of course, the confiscation of the rent of land and with it the confiscation of the value of land, for the reason that the value of land is its capitalized rental. Henry George said that he would not have the government confiscate the land itself but only its rent. He would have the owners of the land continue to own the land but he would have them turn the economic rent of it over to the government as a tax. But this distinction between the land itself and the rental of the land is not of much importance. If the state compelled all land owners to contribute the total yearly rental of the land to the state they would care little whether or not the state left them the empty title of ownership. We may, therefore, say that these extreme single taxers desire that the state confiscate all land.

A more moderate group of single taxers proposed that all taxes be done away with other than the tax on rent, but they would have the government confiscate only so much of the rent as is necessary to carry on the work of the government. They believe that a very substantial percentage of the rental would remain to the present owners after sufficient funds had been secured from this source to provide the necessary expenses of the government.